Consuming 32 ounces or more of an energy drink within an hour could raise blood pressure and trigger life-threatening arrhythmias, according to research published ahead of print in the Journal of the American Heart Association.

Almost half of U.S. citizens with hypertension are unworried about future CV events like heart attack and stroke, according to a recent survey conducted for the American Medical Association and American Heart Association.

Millennials in their mid-thirties are less healthy than Generation Xers were at the same age, a recent analysis by Blue Cross Blue Shield found—a gap driven largely by poorer mental, cardiovascular and endocrine health outcomes in the younger generation.

Type 2 diabetes patients who undergo gastric bypass surgery as teenagers are more likely to achieve remission of their diabetes and hypertension in adulthood than adults who attempt the same procedure years later, according to a study funded by the National Institutes of Health.

Drugmaker Zydus Cadila on May 13 announced it had received final approval from the FDA to market chlorthalidone tablets, the generic equivalent of Pfizer’s now-discontinued hypertension drug Thalitone.

Researchers at the University of Georgia have uncovered 27 new metabolites associated with arterial stiffness, according to work published in the American Journal of Hypertension.

Vivimed Life Sciences on May 3 announced a voluntary recall of 19 lots of losartan potassium tablets, making it the third company in two weeks to issue a recall of the blood pressure (BP) drug.

Long-term exposure to low doses of ionizing radiation raises a person’s risk for developing high blood pressure, according to a Hypertension study of more than 22,000 nuclear facility workers in Russia.

The latest drug company to issue a recall of losartan is Teva Pharmaceuticals, which on April 29 announced it was recalling 35 lots of the popular blood pressure medication.

Intensive therapy to keep blood pressure (BP) levels below 130/80 mmHg helped lower the risk for heart attacks, strokes and other CV complications in patients with concomitant type 2 diabetes and hypertension, researchers have found.

A national effort to recall carcinogen-tainted batches of the popular blood pressure drug losartan has once again expanded, growing to include one lot of the medication distributed by Legacy Pharmaceutical Packaging, LLC.

The American Academy of Pediatrics’ (AAP) updated blood pressure guidelines classify more kids in higher BP categories and can more accurately predict which children are prone to heart disease later in life, an extensive analysis of the Bogalusa Heart Study has found.