Heart Failure

Treatment with empagliflozin for six months was associated with several key improvements. This suggests that, yes, SGLT2 inhibitors can be recommended for HFrEF patients who don't have diabetes. 

A history of heart failure was also associated with longer lengths of stay and an increased risk of mechanical ventilation.

Researchers reviewed autopsy data from 22 different studies, sharing their findings in Cardiovascular Pathology.

The research, published in Circulation, focused on the combination of pharmacologic therapy and the temporary use of a left ventricular assist device.

The analysis, published in JAMA Network Open, included data from nearly 1.8 million Medicare patients. 

Catheter ablation was consistently linked to more substantial LVEF improvements than pharmacological therapy.

The analysis included data from nearly 800 patients with a history of chronic heart failure. 

However, these trends do not appear to be true for all heart failure patients. 

In-hospital mortality, myocardial injury and acute kidney injury were all more common when patients with a history of heart failure tested positive for COVID-19. 

Clinicians should consider the potential negative impact of prescribing so many medications at once, the study's authors noted. 

A longtime goal for cardiac surgeons now appears to be within reach, according to researchers out of Massachusetts General Hospital.