Aerobic workouts, combined with yoga, drastically reduce CVD risk factors

Combining Indian yoga and aerobic exercise can dramatically reduce blood pressure, body mass index and cholesterol levels in cardiac patients, the American College of Cardiology has reported.

In a study that will be presented at this weekend’s 8th Emirates Cardiac Society Congress in Dubai, researchers found heart patients who practiced yoga in tandem with aerobic exercise saw twice the reduction in risk factors as patients who stuck to either yoga or aerobic workouts alone.

While individuals who took up yoga or aerobic exercise independently did see improvements in their cardiovascular health, including reduced waistlines, lower triglyceride levels and lowered blood pressure, the study cohort who practiced both exercises saw double the positive results.

“Combined Indian yoga and aerobic exercise reduce mental, physical and vascular stress and can lead to decreased cardiovascular mortality and morbidity,” Sonal Tanwar, PhD, and Naresh Sen, DM, PhD, said in an ACC news story. “Heart disease patients could benefit from learning Indian yoga and making it a routine part of daily life.”

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