Florida cardiologist says he was fired for criticizing the hospital—they say it’s because of inappropriate comments

Cardiologist Gary Idelchik, MD, has filed a lawsuit against BayCare Health System in Florida after they fired him from his job as a cardiac cath lab director in July.

According to a new report from the Tampa Bay Times, Idelchik claims he was let go for pointing out problems he encountered after starting work at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Tampa Bay. BayCare, on the other hand, has said that Idelchik was fired after he made inappropriate comments about using guns in the workplace and later refused to complete a “fitness for duty” evaluation.

While all parties failed to comment on the case when contacted by the Times, reporter Romy Ellenbogen provided a thorough summary of the situation. One detail that stands out is that the two sides don’t seem to agree on what Idelchik’s duties were while working at the hospital. Also, Idelchik claimed he asked for more details about the inappropriate comments he supposedly made—and he never heard back.

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