Cardiologist calls out Trump for downplaying COVID-19, spreading ‘misinformation’

A Florida cardiologist is speaking out about the “irresponsible” way President Donald Trump has acted following his COVID-19 diagnosis, describing it as “another example of what we call misinformation.”

Bernard Ashby, MD, a cardiologist who serves as the medical director for Comprehensive Vascular Care in Miami, spoke to First Coast News in Jacksonville about Trump’s posts on social media over the last few days. He focused on a post from Monday, October 5, that featured Trump saying people should not be afraid of COVID-19.

The president is downplaying the seriousness of COVID-19, Ashby argued, especially considering “patients like Trump who are 70 or older have a 5.4% mortality rate.”  

Ashby also noted that Trump’s treatment is a clear example of why all patients should have access to the best healthcare possible.  

“When Donald Trump got sick, he got diagnosed quickly because he had access to rapid testing,” Ashby said. “He got treated quickly because he had access to very high-quality care, and he got treated aggressively due to the fact that he had a quality health care team.”

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