Cardiologist sues Apple over its HR-monitoring smartwatch tech

A New York cardiologist is suing tech giant Apple over its heartbeat-monitoring smartwatch capabilities, claiming the company lifted his patented HR intervention and has been using the technology without his permission.

The cardiologist in question is New York University’s Joseph Wiesel, MD, who filed the suit Dec. 27, according to Bloomberg. Wiesel reportedly holds a patent for detecting an irregular heartbeat by monitoring “irregular pulse rhythms from a succession of time intervals”—a patent he says Apple infringed upon by launching a smartwatch that can measure a wearer’s heart rate and notify them of an irregular pulse.

Bloomberg reported that Wiesel first contacted Apple in September 2017 about the patent, but the doctor said the company has “refused to negotiate in good faith to avoid this lawsuit.” He’s now seeking court-ordered royalties.

Apple’s business segment, which includes the Apple Watch and Apple TV, is the company’s fastest-growing category, according to Bloomberg, raking in more than $24 billion in the fiscal year that ended last September.

Read the full report from Bloomberg below: