Cardiologist nets huge profits selling COVID-19 tests, officials warn against using them

A cardiologist in London has attracted significant media attention after reportedly selling at-home testing kits for the new coronavirus for more than $400—and racking up considerable profits.

Mark Ali, MBBS, made nearly $3 million in revenue in just one week by privately selling the COVID-19 tests, according to statistics first reported by The Times. The BBC reported on the situation as well.

The kits were officially sold by Private Harley Street Clinic, a healthcare company Ali founded in 2009. According to a message dated March 24 on the clinic’s website, the home testing kits are “temporarily sold out” due to “unprecedented pressure on healthcare supply chains.” A separate message on the website, also dated March 24, noted that the clinic has donated tests to various healthcare providers in the area.

Public Health England has released a statement that using at-home tests “is not advised” at this time.

“There is little information on the accuracy of the tests, or on how a patient’s antibody response develops or changes during COVID-19 infection,” according to the statement. “It is not known whether either a positive or negative result is reliable.”