Anthem covers members for noninvasive CAD treatment

A noninvasive technology used to diagnose and treat individuals with suspected coronary artery disease (CAD) is now available to patients covered by Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Blue Shield of California and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama.

The three health insurance plans, which cover a combined 44 million people, determined the HeartFlow FFRct Analysis is clinically beneficial following a coronary CT angiogram in patients with stable chest pain.

HeartFlow FFRct Analysis uploads data from the coronary CT angiogram to create a digital, three-dimensional model of the patient’s coronary arteries. Using a computer algorithm, it simulates blood flow to assess the impact of blockages in the artery.

According to HeartFlow, the system has been proven to reduce invasive coronary angiography procedures and healthcare costs for hospitals.

With the addition of the three Blue Cross Blue Shield plans, HeartFlow FFRct Analysis is now available to nearly 80 million Americans through insurance. Aetna, which covers more than 23 million members, previously issued a positive coverage decision for the technology.

“We are seeing increasing momentum in the number of national and regional commercial payors that are covering the HeartFlow FFRct Analysis for their members—based on the evidence demonstrating that it reduces the need for both non-invasive and invasive tests and procedures and lowers healthcare costs,” John H. Stevens, MD, president and CEO of HeartFlow, said in a statement. “With the growing number of health plans covering our technology, even more patients with suspected CAD will benefit by receiving a definitive personalized treatment plan based on the HeartFlow Analysis.”