MLB player’s myocarditis puts spotlight on potential cardiovascular complications of COVID-19

Eduardo Rodriguez, a 27-year-old pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, has confirmed that he is currently suffering from myocarditis related to a recent COVID-19 diagnosis. He has been shut down from all baseball-related activities for at least one full week.

The news comes just days after Major League Baseball (MLB) began its pandemic-shortened season. It also highlights the potential seriousness of the various cardiovascular complications associated with the virus. “What is myocarditis?” may be an especially common search term in the days, and weeks, ahead.

Rodriguez spoke with Rob Bradford of WEEI about the ongoing situation.

“When I feel the symptoms, back when I got COVID, I felt it all,” he said, as quoted by Bradford. “I felt all the symptoms and everything. Right now, I don’t feel all the symptoms. I got surprised when I got that from my heart because I don’t feel any symptoms from that, I didn’t feel anything from my chest, nothing like that.”

Numerous MLB players have already been diagnosed with COVID-19 and made a healthy comeback. One team, the Miami Marlins, is currently struggling with a clubhouse outbreak—the team had to postpone two games as a result.

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