Medtronic alerts of battery short in some ICDs
Medtronic reported that it has identified a small percentage (less than 0.1 percent) of batteries in some models of its implantable cardioverter-defibrillators (ICDs) that did not last as long as predicted.

Typically, Medtronic said the devices have three months of normal operations after the device alerts that there may be a need for replacement. However, the EnTrust and Escudo devices may require replacement sooner than expected, Medtronic said in a statement. The battery life may result in less than three months of normal operation once the device indicates a need for replacement.

The reason for this has been identified as an internal battery short that develops as the battery capacity is consumed, according to the Honk Kong Department of Health.

Medtronic said that no patient deaths or serious injury have been reported in regards to this issue.

According to the Honk Kong Department of Health, EnTrust and Escudo models affected are:
  • EnTrust D153DRG;
  • EnTrust D153VRC;
  • EnTrust D153ATG;
  • EnTrust D154VRC;
  • EnTrust D154DRG;
  • EnTrust D154ATG;
  • Escudo D144DRG; and
  • Escudo D144VRC

The company has urged patients to continue device checkups and said that physicians may program the devices to give an alert at a preset and convenient time of day once the device has indicated that it needs replacement.