The new guideline calls for a “stepwise approach," followed by close clinical surveillance, when treating uncomplicated TBAD. In some cases, however, earlier endovascular treatments may be necessary. 

The organization issued a draft of its recommendation back in April, leaving time for public comments to be made. 

As one might expect, the largest economic burden linked to HF is related to hospitalizations.

The maximum charge for a contrast-enhanced pelvic CT was listed as $14,238 compared to a minimum of $193, exemplifying a wide variation in exam pricing.

A data breach at Touchstone Medical Imaging facilities in Texas is costing patients thousands of dollars, according to a report from CBSN Dallas-Fort Worth.

Patient movement during MR exams can cost $115,000 per scanner annually, prompting researchers to call for enhanced motion correction techniques.

Intraoperative fluoroscopy is beneficial if it can prevent even 1 corrective, follow-up surgery out of every 400 total hip arthroplasties, doctors reported in the Journal of Arthroplasty.

St. Louis Heart and Vascular, a longtime practice with six locations throughout the greater St. Louis area, plans to appeal. 

Adults with premature ASCVD, particularly women, may benefit from better access to mental health services as well as interventions that address out-of-pocket costs.

Many healthcare groups remain concerned about the law's potential long-term impact on providers and patients alike. 

The report, primarily focused on compensation data in the United States, also examined how COVID-19 continues to impact the country's workforce. 

The software can reduce false-positive results on thyroid exams by over 35%, according to Koios Medical.

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