AHA video: ATLAS-ACS: Are thrombins a better target than platelets?
AHA: ATLAS-ACS - 38.44 Mb C. Michael Gibson, MD, principal investigator on the late-breaking clinical ATLAS-ACS trial, discusses the results at the 2011 American Heart Association with Cardiovascular Business. ORLANDO—C. Michael Gibson, MD, principal investigator of the ATLAS-ACS trial, sat down with Cardiovascular Business to discuss the rationale and objectives that informed the design of the trial, as well as the much-anticipated results. The late-breaking clinical trial was presented Nov. 13 at the American Heart Association scientific sessions.

Specifically, Gibson spoke to why the researchers chose this specific patient population, why the researchers decided to assess antithrombins as opposed to antiplatelets, as well as the mortality reduction seen when patients were administered rivaroxaban (Johnson & Johnson's subsidiary Janssen Pharmaceuticals/Bayer HealthCare) plus dual-antiplatelet therapy.

The video was conducted collaboratively with ClinicalTrialResults.org.