The authors reviewed 23 different clinical trials—and more than 13,000 unique patients—for their research.

The findings were presented Thursday, Oct. 15, at TCT Connect 2020.

The findings were presented Wednesday, Oct. 14, during TCT Connect 2020. 

Researchers developed and implemented a four-step process for identifying patients who can be discharged early following PCI. 

One key detail is that no stent thrombosis events were reported among the study's 201 participants. 

The transplant, performed at UC San Diego Health, was part of an ongoing clinical trial. 

There was a 33% increase in a patient’s hazard for mortality if they received care at a community hospital.

The study tracked nearly 700 patients who underwent TAVI at one of two facilities in Melbourne, Australia, over a ten-year period. 

Researchers tracked the outcomes of more than 45,000 patients who participated in one of four randomized trials.

The authors tracked data from more than 22,000 PCI patients who participated in one of 10 randomized trials.

COVID-19 patients presenting with ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) experience a high rate of stent thrombosis.

Rapid reperfusion is linked to improved survival for STEMI patients, but delayed care is still prevalent.