For patients undergoing PCI, subclinical hypothyroidism was associated with higher short-term and long-term mortality.

Knowing when same-day discharge is the right choice—and when it isn’t—can be especially challenging for cardiologists and their care teams. 

The system was designed to require only one small incision to repair a patient’s mitral valve. 

The authors tracked data from more than 1,700 patients with stable atherosclerosis, sharing their findings in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

A new study, published in Circulation, tracked how each drug helped STEMI patients undergoing primary PCI. 

The study, published in the American Journal of Cardiology, tracked data from 51 different hospitals in the state of New York. 

The updated approach relies solely on CT imaging data and does not require a catheter

Patient outcomes are much better when clinicians use single-vessel FFR measurements to determine whether or not to perform PCI. 

PCI patients who used marijuana had an increased risk of bleeding events and stroke following the procedure.

Hospitals in California, Illinois and New York performed especially well, according to the outcomes-based rankings. 

The authors reviewed 23 different clinical trials—and more than 13,000 unique patients—for their research.