DiA Imaging, IBM pair to take the subjectivity out of cardiac image analysis

IBM Watson Health is adding startup DiA Imaging Analysis to its AI Marketplace in an effort to offer clinicians access to more objective and accurate ultrasound analysis, the company announced Dec. 1.

DiA, an IBM Alpha Zone Accelerator Alumni Startup, has developed AI-powered cardiac ultrasound software that’s already been cleared by the FDA. According to a release, the software was designed to help physicians analyze cardiac ultrasound images automatically and more objectively, since image interpretation is inherently a somewhat subjective process.

“Our collaboration with IBM Watson Health demonstrates the implementation of DiA’s vision to make the analysis of ultrasound images smarter and accessible to clinicians with various levels of experience on any platform,” DiA CEO and co-founder Hila Goldman-Aslan said in a statement.

IBM will focus specifically on DiA’s LVivo EF solution, an application with an AI-based quantification solution that provides clinicians with automated clinical data like ejection fraction and global longitudinal strain.

“IBM Watson Health is proud to announce a collaboration with DiA Imaging,” Anne Le Grand, general manager of imaging, life sciences and oncology at IBM, said. “DiA’s innovative AI-powered offerings can provide our clients with the ability to analyze images with advanced AI-based solutions which can support IBM Watson Health’s mission to help build smarter ecosystems.”