The solution has still only been approved in the United States for investigational use. 

This secondary analysis of data from the FIDELIO-DKD trial was presented May 17 at ACC.21 and published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology

The study's authors believe they are the first group to investigate the real-time relationship between alcohol consumption and AFib events.

Researchers explored data from the GALACTIC-HF trial to evaluate how the severity of a patient's reduced ejection fraction impacts the benefits of omecamtiv mecarbil.

“This is a procedure that’s done once, and it keeps giving a benefit over time,” one researcher said. “This is going to prevent thousands of strokes.”

Cardiologists are confident COVID-related shortfalls will soon be behind them, according to the report. 

The FDA has received complaints about 135 injuries so far. 

The ACC is enthusiastically backing the bipartisan legislation, saying it would improve care for the country's cardiovascular patients.

This Class I recall covers more than 130,000 different devices, according to the FDA. 

Low levels of residual mitral regurgitation after TEER can make a big impact on patient outcomes, researchers explained in a new analysis. 

The company also announced that two specialists with more than 25 years of industry experience have joined its leadership team. 

Researchers called for better guidelines that cover when clinicians should consider stopping anticoagulation therapy for patients with AFib. The risks of such medication, they observed, may often outweigh the benefits.