Woman, just 20 years old, didn't realize she was having a stroke

Although strokes are more common in older adults, younger women are still at risk, although Good Housekeeping reports that many women do not realize when they are having a stroke.

The magazine profiles Sarah Morris, 26, who had a stroke at age 20 when she was a student at the University of Maine. When Morris arrived at the emergency room, she said a nurse told her she was faking a stroke and just wanted an excuse to skip her final exams.

Still, Morris was diagnosed with a hemorrhagic stroke, and she lost the memory of her sophomore year in college and a large portion of her childhood. Morris later had another stroke, but she is now healthy. She said she might not be alive if her parents had not insisted she visit the hospital.

As Good Housekeeping notes, nearly 20 percent of women will have a stroke during their lifetime. If people think they are having a stroke, they should immediately go to the hospital and insist on a CT scan.

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