Cardiovascular Systems permanently appoints interim leader as CEO

After searching for more than eight months for a new CEO, Cardiovascular Systems ended up choosing an employee of its own to permanently take over the position effective immediately.

Scott Ward, 56, who has been serving as the company’s chairman for nearly two years, has been the interim president and CEO since November 2015. Because of his knowledge of the company and proven track record that he could get the job done, Cardiovascular Systems appointed him permanently in the roles, the company said in a statement.

“As a director, Scott brings invaluable leadership and industry expertise to this organization,” said Leslie Trigg, chair of CSI’s Governance/Nominating Committee, in a statement. “His knowledge of the company runs deep as does his commitment to its success. We look forward to supporting Scott in this new role.”

Cardiovascular Systems, based in St. Paul, Minnesota, develops and commercializes medical devices that treat vascular and coronary disease.

“I am pleased with the progress Cardiovascular Systems has made to improve the quality of care for patients with coronary and peripheral artery disease,” said Ward, who joined the company’s board in 2013. “I look forward to continuing to serve our patients, customers and shareholders by helping [Cardiovascular Systems] achieve profitability and reach its full potential.”