ACC launches cardiovascular disease education program in China

The American College of Cardiology (ACC) has announced that it is partnering with the Chinese Society of Cardiology to launch a cardiovascular disease education and awareness program in China.

The program, which is supported by Pfizer, will be geared toward physicians in China.

The ACC plans on having a webinar series for cardiologists and other cardiac caregivers in nearly 200 hospitals and interactive online education and risk assessment delivered to physicians through WeChat, a popular social media platform in China.

The ACC noted in a news release that government agencies in China have established more than 5,000 community health centers in the country. So far, several large hospitals have affiliated with the community health centers to help with preventative care, especially for heart disease.

“Heart disease education and awareness can help our fellow cardiologists and cardiac care team members in China better understand the latest heart disease diagnosis, management and treatment tools available to them,” ACC President Kim Allan Williams, MD, FACC, said in a news release. “Through this program we’ll be able to work together to better implement international treatment guidelines for at-risk patients and improve patient outcomes throughout China.”