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Though fidgeting has long been deemed a bad habit, a new study is challenging that notion.



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Anemia may lead to increased risk of death following strokes

Patients with anemia had an increased risk of death up to one year after suffering a stroke, according to a meta-analysis in the U.K.

Cardiovascular Systems permanently appoints interim leader as CEO

After searching for more than eight months for a new CEO, Cardiovascular Systems ended up choosing an employee of its own to permanently take over the position effective immediately.

After 30 days of undergoing endovascular procedures, most patients with PAD do not have major adverse events

More than 90 percent of patients with symptomatic peripheral artery disease (PAD) did not have major adverse events within 30 days of receiving endovascular procedures with the Diamondback 360 peripheral orbital atherectomy system and other devices to treat claudication and critical limb ischemia.

Essential Medical receives approval to begin trial for company’s vascular closure device

Essential Medical received an investigational device exemption (IDE) approval from the FDA on Aug. 1 to begin a trial for its X-Seal 6F vascular closure device.

Hypertension rates on the rise in low-income countries

People in low-income countries are seeing rates of high blood pressure increase faster than higher-income countries, even while their levels of hypertension awareness and treatment are actually on the decline.

Viva Physicians announces late-breaking clinical trial lineup

Viva Physicians, a non-profit organization devoted to vascular interventions and medicine, announced the late-breaking clinical trials for its annual conference. The meeting will take place from September 18 to 22 in Las Vegas at the Wynn resort and casino.

Certified stroke centers may improve outcomes, but travel time may be a hindrance

Although the primary stroke center certification is a step in the right direction, researchers recently wondered whether the benefits of primary stroke centers outweighed the often longer travel time it takes for patients to get to the centers.

Keep on fidgeting, it's good for your heart

Though fidgeting has long been deemed a bad habit, a new study is challenging that notion.

Meta-analysis finds connection between sleep disorder and stroke

On top of several other associated risk factors, poor sleep could mean an increased risk of stroke, according to a new study review published in the journal Neurology.

Teaming Up to Treat Pulmonary Emboli: Clotbusters Illustrates Potential of Coordinated Response Programs

At one hospital, an aggressive treatment PE treatment program has dramatically reduced mortality.