Nokia introduces scale that measures BMI, standing heart rate

On June 8, Nokia Technologies introduced the Withings Body Cardio, a wireless scale that measures a person’s weight, body mass index, body composition and standing heart rate.

Nokia announced on May 31 that it had completed its acquisition of Withings S.A., which was founded in 2008. Withings sells activity trackers, scales, health stations, wireless blood pressure monitors and sleep systems.

Consumers who purchase Withings’ products have access to the company’s applications, where they receive coaching and insights into their health.

As part of the deal, Nokia created a digital health business unit under the direction of former Withings CEO Cedric Huntings, one of Withings’ co-founders.

The Body Cardio scale is available for $179.95 on the Withings website and in Apple stores. It is expected to be on sale in other retail stores later this summer.

Nokia said the scale connects to the Withings application and automatically syncs data every time consumers use the scale.