Geneva Health raises $1.9 million to expand cardiac remote monitoring device

Pasadena, California-based Geneva Health Solutions has raised $1.9 million to expand the reach of its cardiac monitoring device, a gadget aimed to remotely help manage patients with implanted cardiac devices.

Geneva, which announced the funding in a Feb. 1 press release, received donations from several healthcare organizations and business leaders, including Nebraska Medicine, a healthcare system based in Omaha, Nebraska, that uses Geneva’s product, and Don Cohn, an investor from San Diego.

“We are entering an exciting time for data-driven patient care, especially as more medical devices provide the ability to push data remotely, beyond the hospital or doctor’s office walls,” said Geneva CEO Yuri Sudhakar in a statement. “Cardiology practices have limited time and resources to manage the firehose of remote monitoring data coming at them from cardiac devices. We are bringing the best in technology, telehealth and consulting in a combined solution set for the practice. This funding will allow us to speed up onboarding of cardiology practices across the country to our platform.”

Geneva’s product allows patients which pacemakers and defibrillators to transmit cardiac data from their device to a provider via cloud technology, which lets providers remotely monitor patients for arrhythmias and any other serious cardiac events.

“With the explosion of remote monitoring data, GHS solves a critical need in the market,” said John Windle, a professor of cardiology and practicing electrophysiologist at the Nebraska Medicine Heart and Vascular Center. “We were impressed with the company’s ability to effectively document clinic workflow and build those processes in the platform, including integration with our EMR. The platform is purpose-built for data flows today and tomorrow.”