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Siemens announced Nov. 10 that it plans on spinning off its healthcare business into a separate, public company.

In May 2015, the Heart Rhythm Society released a consensus statement recommending that remote monitoring become the standard of care for patients with cardiovascular implantable electronic devices. The panel argued that remote monitoring helped check the devices’ electronic integrity and functionality and improved patient adherence.

An analysis of patients who received endovascular therapy within 12 hours of stroke onset found that the amount of blood-brain barrier disruption on pretreatment MRIs was associated with the severity of intracranial hemorrhage.

Mountain States Health Alliance headquartered in Johnson City, Tenn., is one health system leading the charge and reaping the benefits of a more intelligent, decision support-enabled CVIS with a built-in quality control engine that ensures data entered into the report are consistent.


Recent Headlines

Dutch researchers receive funding to develop portable diabetes tester

To detect diabetes earlier and save patients from suffering major health complications and paying for expensive treatment, researchers at the University of Twente (UT) in the Netherlands are working to develop a prototype of a portable device that could detect both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

FDA grants clearance to cloud-based medical imaging analytics software

Arterys Cardio DL provides automated, editable ventricle segmentations based on conventional cardiac MRI images that are as accurate as segmentations performed manually by experienced physicians. 

LG Electronics debuts imaging monitors at RSNA 2016

LG Electronics, the South Korea-based company best known for making televisions and cell phones, is now entering the imaging market.

Siemens plans public listing for its $15 billion healthcare business

Siemens announced Nov. 10 that it plans on spinning off its healthcare business into a separate, public company.

TCT 2016: Drug-coated balloon outperforms angioplasty procedures in research

New research presented at the Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics (TCT) 2016 conference on a drug-coated balloon (DCB) provided good news for cardiologists concerned with ensuring controlled drug delivery to a patient’s treatment site during an endovascular procedure.

FDA provides update on SynCardia Systems cardiac devices

The FDA sent a letter to transplant surgeons and cardiologists on Oct. 26 with additional results regarding issues with SynCardia Systems, Inc.’s temporary total artificial heart companion 2 driver system (TAH-t C2 Driver System). The system serves as a bridge to a heart transplant for some heart failure patients.

Cardiogram raises $2 million for app that could detect atrial fibrillation, diabetes

Cardiogram, a health tech startup in San Francisco, has raised $2 million to develop an app that shows a user’s cardio health while providing tips on how to improve and maintain a healthy heart.

FDA approves clinical trial for eCoin hypertension treatment

A new study to examine the efficacy of an implantable hypertension treatment has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Twitter alerts cardiologist on public heart health data

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania found Twitter to be a useful tool to monitor public engagement with cardiovascular disease. 

AHA creates tech center, encourages engagement from industry players

In an effort to find solutions to problems in healthcare using tech, the American Heart Association (AHA) has launched the Center for Health Technology & Innovation.