Tobacco companies challenge FDA’s plan to evaluate safety of e-cigarettes, cigars

As e-cigarettes and cigars become more popular, the Food and Drug Administration is taking steps to ensure the products are safe, even looking at options to ban certain ones from the market if found to be dangerous.

In response, major tobacco industry players are looking for lobbyist and congressional allies to help prevent the FDA from moving forward with their plans, according to a recent report from the New York Times.

So far, they have more than 75 allies fighting against the FDA’s “Deeming Rule,” arguing that their products, which are less harmful than cigarettes, bring positive aspects to users' lives.

“In the absence of science-based regulation of all tobacco products, the marketplace has been the wild wild West,” Mitch Zeller, the director of the FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products, told the NYT.

The FDA plans to look for dangerous chemicals like diethylene glycol and flavors that attract underage smokers.

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