One step back for Amylin in case against Lilly

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The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California ruled in Eli Lilly's favor, vacating a temporary restraining order and denying a request by Amylin Pharmaceuticals for a preliminary injunction that sought to impose restrictions on the Lilly Diabetes sales force and other relief.

In early May, Amylin filed litigation involving the two companies' diabetes collaboration agreement. In late May, the court granted a request by Amylin for a temporary restraining order related to litigation involving its diabetes collaboration agreement with Lilly.

"We are pleased with the court's decision to vacate the temporary restraining order and deny Amylin's request for a preliminary injunction," said Robert A. Armitage, senior vice president and general counsel for Lilly. "We have complied with our contractual obligations under our agreements with Amylin, and done so in a manner fully consistent with all applicable laws. We believe that Amylin's allegations against Lilly are entirely without merit and we fully expect to prevail in this litigation."