215 cardiovascular drugs under development

The drug development pipeline for cardiovascular medicines runneth over, according to a report by PhRMA. Still, that may translate into only a few new products.

Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), a company that represents biopharmaceutical and biotechnology businesses, counted 215 biopharmaceuticals under development for treating cardiovascular disease. That includes 30 drugs for heart failure, 29 for lipid disorders, 19 for stroke, 17 for hypertension and 17 for ischemic disorders.

Investigational drugs for heart failure, acute coronary syndrome, peripheral vascular disease and pulmonary vascular disease have reached the "application submitted" stage. Heart failure and lipid disorders have the most candidates in phase III clinical trials and stroke the fewest. Lipid disorders also has the most phase I candidates.

Only 20 percent of biopharmaceuticals that reach phase I testing become approved for sale, according to PhRMA.

The report, which includes the drug’s name, sponsor, indication and development stage, is available here