Using the PINNACLE Registry in everyday practice

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 - Wake Forest Baptist’s Personally Controlled Access Registry (PCARE)
Wake Forest Baptist’s Personally Controlled Access Registry (PCARE) A PCARE Image Sharing Network consists of One PCARE Master Server and many PCARE Facility Servers—one for each healthcare facility.

The American College of Cardiology’s (ACC) Spring issue of Cardiology magazine takes a look at how South Carolina Heart Center, a medium-sized practice based in Columbia, is using the PINNACLE Registry, part of the ACC’s National Cardiovascular Data Registry (NCDR®), in everyday practice.

“From the pilot program, we learned that PINNACLE could provide a means to benchmark quality measures with other cardiology practices and could provide a snapshot of quality measure compliance,” writes Charlie W. Devlin, MD, FACC, past governor of the ACC’s South Carolina Chapter. “And since the registry is based on evidence-based guidelines and performance measures, we knew this was a good fit for our practice and something we needed to implement.”

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