Toshiba America Medical Systems
Toshiba America Medical Systems (Booth 859) is highlighting Aquilion One, a dynamic volume CT system, which can scan an entire organ, including the heart, in a single rotation because it covers up to 16 cm of anatomy using 320 high-resolution 0.5 mm detector elements.

The Aquilion One allows physicians to see a 3D depiction of the organ, and also the organ’s blood flow and function for the first time. Capturing the organ in a single rotation at one moment in time eliminates the need to reconstruct slices from multiple points in time.

Toshiba is showcasing its SURECardio Prospective helps reduce patient radiation dose by up to 80 percent during coronary CTA exams by using a helical acquisition technique to provide one continuous image instead of multiple images produced by the current step-and-shoot technique. SURECardio Prospective automatically adjusts to patients with irregular heartbeats. SURECardio Prospective automates scan parameters and reconstruction based on the patient’s heart rate.

Toshiba also is highlighting its vascular x-ray offerings, the Infinix-i product line. The product line offers head-to-toe imaging capabilities with a variety of configurations to meet every patient’s need while providing low radiation dose and high quality images. The Infinix-i systems also offer unprecedented patient access and automated features to provide the best possible care to the patient.