Quantum conferencing

An electron can be in two places at once, and now, in a sense, we can, too.

The American College of Cardiology’s scientific session that starts this weekend in San Diego is packed with presentations. Beyond the late-breaking clinical trials, which are always headliners, the planners packed the days with a diversity of topics. That makes sense, given the array of subspecialties.

Not everything is clinically oriented. Some presentations reflect the dynamic environment in which medicine is practiced today. Attendees have the option to sit in on sessions on practice management, finances, mobile technology, social media, big data, career and workforce issues and safety strategies.

Many of these sessions overlap. Looking at my agenda, I may have five items in a given hour that I earmarked for a potential visit. What a quandary.

Nothing can substitute for actually being present at a session, but technology has allowed people to be remote and still benefit from the knowledge advanced during conferences. This year the ACC made abstracts available beforehand. In truth, I saw a fair number of “no abstract available” messages as I was plotting my course before the conference, but I imagine those fields soon will be populated.

In the end, I always have more on my wish list than my accomplished list. Only a few years ago it seemed like the gap between the two would remain unbridged. Now, that isn’t the case. Electronic and video access really will allow us to have a foot in two places—sometimes simultaneously, with the help of mobile devices.

Please be sure to check our website for live coverage of ACC.15 and our newsletters in the days that follow. We plan to share not only the presentations that we attend but also provide insights from your colleagues about important findings.

See you there.

Candace Stuart

Editor, Cardiovascular Business