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German research: All heart surgery patients may face risk of retained blood syndrome

Though it has long been believed that only high-risk patients are susceptible to developing retained blood syndrome after heart surgery, new research from Germany suggests all heart surgery patients can be at risk of developing the condition.

Southerners, blacks more likely to die from heart disease

A new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveals that residents of the Southern U.S., particularly black ones, are more likely to die of heart problems than any other disease.

New 'super' type 2 diabetes medication gets FDA approval

A new type 2 diabetes medication made by Janssen Pharmaceuticals that combines doses of two diabetes medications has been approved by the FDA.

Depression during pregnancy linked to gestational diabetes

New research conducted by researchers at the National Institutes of Health reveals that women who reported feeling depressed during their first two trimesters of pregnancy were twice as likely to develop gestational diabetes.

Researchers develop ointment to reverse neuropathy in diabetic patients

More than 25 percent of type 2 diabetes patients suffer from neuropathy, a condition that causes numbness and nerve pain in the feet. But new research from Northwestern University has found a way to reverse the condition.

Jury awards $21 million to Kentucky patient for unnecessary heart procedures

After receiving unnecessary heart surgeries in a Kentucky hospital, milk truck driver Kevin Wells will be awarded millions of dollars after a judge ruled in his favor.

Diabetics more susceptible to hospitalization when fighting cancerous tumors

Patients with diabetes often have a harder time staying out of the hospital when suffering from tumors in their organs.

Type 2 diabetes drug Adlyxin approved by FDA

Patients with diabetes now have another option to choose from when looking for a drug to help control and manage insulin levels.

7 innovative technologies you'll want to see at ACC.15

There’s a lot to see at ACC.15. Here are some cutting-edge technologies you’ll want to check out.