Physicians, surgeons drop a few pegs in job ratings

Math beat out medicine again in a report that rated jobs on work environment, income, stress and outlook. Several medical professions slipped lower compared with the previous year. released its annual ranking of the top 200 jobs in the U.S., which it based largely on U.S. Bureau of Labor data. This year, the profession with the best score was actuary, which climbed from fourth place in 2014. Last year’s top career was mathematics.

General practice physicians placed No. 83, down from 78 in 2014. Surgeons ranked No. 98, a slip from 92 in 2014. Other medical jobs, with 2014 ratings in brackets, included:

  • #27 Pharmacist (33)
  • #47 Psychiatrist (49)
  • #59 Dentist (61)
  • #89 Physician assistant (88)
  • #106 Registered nurse (106)
  • #133 Nurse/licensed practical (116)