Philips restructures to simplify patient data flow throughout the hospital
Philips Healthcare has realigned its portfolio of clinical  information solutions including patient monitoring, enterprise and clinical image management, anesthesia information, women’s health information and cardiology information systems in order to meet clinical workflow and information needs.

The shift allows Philips to synchronize its clinical systems with the infrastructure and integration needs required by informatics customers.

The company said that patient monitoring is evolving from reactive displays of vital sign information to predictive and preventative clinical decision support solutions. The solutions must provide value to clinical customers while seamlessly integrating to the healthcare institution’s infrastructure and electronic health record (EHR), according to Philips.

“Integrating patient monitoring into Hiealthcare Informatics enables us to find synergies between our software competencies and monitoring solutions recently strengthened by the acquisitions of XIMIS, Emergin and VISICU,” said Oran Muduroglu, CEO of healthcare informatics for Philips.