FDA approves disposable glucose sensor for patients with type 2 diabetes

The FDA approved Medtronic’s Enlitesensor, a disposable glucose sensor for patients with type 2 diabetes.

The sensor can be worn for six days and is used with the iPro2 professional continuous glucose monitoring system, according to a Medtronic news release. The iPro2 records glucose levels for 24 hours a day for up to six days and includes a data recorder, which automatically records glucose information every five minutes.

The system records up to 288 measurements every day and helps identify patients with hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia.

“Both physicians and people with diabetes need easy-to-use systems which can provide actionable information,” Robert Vigersku, MD, medical director of Medtronic’s non-intensive diabetes therapies division, said in a news release. “The new Enlite sensor is easy to insert and comfortable to wear. Having six days of patient data permits robust pattern analysis for more accurate decision support.”