British cardiologist endorses high fat diet, dismisses dangers of high cholesterol

British cardiologist Aseem Malhotra, MD, is receiving attention for arguing that saturated fat can protect people from having heart disease, the New York Times reports. Malhotra also claims the dangers of high cholesterol are overrated and is outspoken about the harms of sugar.

"There are not many cardiologists who embrace butter and coconut oil as health foods," the article says. "But Dr. Malhotra rejects the decades-old mantra that eating foods rich in saturated fat causes heart disease, and he has been leading a campaign to change public opinion about fats, sugar and what constitutes a healthy diet."

Although some other cardiologists would like to see more research on the effect of saturated fat, most disagree with Malhotra’s promotion of high fat diets, according to the newspaper.

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