8 physicians receive CVD prevention award

Eight physicians recently received the Arthur S. Agatston cardiovascular disease prevention award at the Society of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography (SCCT) annual meeting in Las Vegas.

According to an SCCT news release, the award “promotes the prevention of death from heart disease by recognizing individuals whose pioneering efforts have saved lives from a leading killer throughout the world, coronary artery disease.”

The award is named after

Agatston, for whom the award is named, is a preventive cardiologist whose research led to the creation of the Agatston score, a method for screening patients for coronary heart disease that is widely used to predict heart attacks.

The recipients of the award were:

  1. Arthur S. Agatston, MD, FSCCT, Medical Director, Wellness & Prevention, South Beach Preventive Cardiology Baptist Health in Miami Beach, Fla.
  2. Bruce Brundage, MD, FSCCT, Heart Institute of the Cascades in Bend, Ore.
  3. Matthew J. Budoff, MD, FSCCT, Professor of Medicine, UCLA, Endowed Chair of Preventive Cardiology Program Director, Division of Cardiology, Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute
  4. Tracy Q. Callister, MD, FSCCT, Founder, Tennessee Heart & Vascular Institute, P.C. in Hendersonville, Tenn.
  5. Harvey Hecht, MD, FSCCT, Lenox Hill Heart & Vascular Institute in New York City
  6. Warren Robert Janowitz, MD, JD, FSCCT, Medical Director and Chief, Nuclear Medicine, Baptist Health System, Radiology Associates of South Florida
  7. Paolo Raggi, MD, FSCCT, Chair of Cardiac Research & Director, Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute in Canada
  8. John A. Rumberger, PhD, MD, FSCCT, Director of Cardiac Imaging, The Princeton Longevity Center in New Jersey