Physio-Control/AirStrip partner to advance pre-hospital care
AirStrip Technologies and Physio-Control have partnered to integrate remote patient monitoring applications (AirStrip) with patient data transmission networks (Physio-Control) to deliver mobile solutions that help mobilize critical information.

The partnership, announced at the annual American Heart Association Scientific Sessions in Chicago, will couple AirStrips Cardiology, a solution used to view patients’ ECG history, and Physio-Control’s Lifenet system, a web-based data transmission tool used to improve care.

The integration will help collaborate care between emergency medical services (EMS), emergency department (ED) and cardiology teams, particularly in cases where patients experience acute MI or STEMI.

According to the companies, AirStrip’s Cardiology can be deployed on smart phones or other devices and can receive 12-lead ECG waves, vital signs and other data that is transmitted wirelessly from Lifepak 12 and 15 defibrillator/monitor devices via the Lifenet system.

Using Lifenet Consult, physicians can view these data from anywhere in the hospital and respond via iPhone. Those using AirStrip will have dynamic review tools such as calipers, 12-lead ECG scrolling, cine loop views of each lead and other features.

Physio-Control announced that the FDA has granted 510(k) clearance to market its Lifenet 5.0 system throughout the U.S.

Lifenet 5.0 features:
  • Lifenet Consult – iPhone application allows physicians to perform rapid consults and provides decision support remotely to EMS and hospital care teams. The Lifenet consult application is available for download from the iPhone App Store.
  • Lifenet OnePush – Automated protocol activation, notifies necessary caregivers and allows hospital teams more time to prepare for incoming patients.
  • Lifenet PCR Delivery – Enables efficient and secure remote delivery of electronic patient care records (ePCR) to hospital printers or EMR systems.
  • Lifenet Asset –Provides Lifepak device overview and management across entire fleet including automated alerts on device status, usage information, management of setup options and software updates.
  • Updated data integration – Enables EMS and hospitals to capture more patient data and combine those for a more-complete view of the patient.

Lifenet will be available and on the market beginning in December 2010, according to Redmond, Wash.-based Physio-Control, a subsidiary of Medtronic.

The Physio-Control/AirStrip partnership will allow clinicians to communicate with EMS while patients are en route to the hospital. A fully functioning version of the technology is expected to become available in the first half of 2011.