BAFS: St. Jude unveils updated cardiac mapping system
St. Jude Medical featured its EnSite Velocity cardiac mapping system, designed to help physicians diagnose and guide therapy to treat abnormal heart rhythms, at the Boston Atrial Fibrillation Symposium (BAFS) last week.

“The updates, compared to our legacy Ensite mapping technology, are specifically geared to work-flow improvements,” Clint Schneider, vice president of marketing for St. Jude’s atrial fibrillation division, told Cardiovascular Business News.

With new hardware and software, the system includes two new capabilities: the OneMap tool and RealReview function, the St. Paul, Minn.-based company said.

The OneMap tool enables physicians to create a cardiac model and electrical map using multiple catheters and electrodes. “OneMap allows the physician to acquire electrical and geometric data simultaneously within any chamber and with more than one electrode on the catheter,” Schneider said.

The RealReview function provides side-by-side views of the live procedure and previously recorded portions of the procedure. This feature gives physicians a comparison of events and results at different times throughout the procedure, without losing the capability to visualize and navigate catheters.

“With RealReview, the electrophysiologist can take a snapshot at any point in the case, and compare with the previous snapshot, which EPs to track how the case is progressing,” Schneider pointed out.

He added that each practice “varies fairly dramatically” in how it chooses to image patients. “Not all labs partake in pre-procedural imaging, and those who do, try to keep it relatively close to the procedure time to avoid major volume changes,” Schneider said.  “Also, some EPs prefer to build the image from geometry and electrical data when they insert the catheter into the chamber.”