U of Colorado, miRagen to study miRNA for HF patients

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The University of Colorado and miRagen Therapeutics, a pharmaceutical company, have entered into a research and licensing agreement to evaluate and develop miRNA-based therapeutics and gene expressions for heart failure (HF) patients.

The research agreement will further assess the results of the BORG (Beta Blocker Effects on Remodeling and Gene Expression) trial, which assessed miRNA in HF patients, while the licensing agreement will enable miRagen to commercialize the intellectual property linked to the results found during the research project.

MicroRNAs control the expression of sets of genes and pathways and are associated with disease processes. The BORG study enrolled 63 chronic heart failure and non-ischemic dilated cardiomyopathy patients and followed them for an 18-month period to record measurements of chamber remodeling and messenger RNA and miRNA expression at baseline, three months and 12 months.

The financial details of the agreement were not disclosed.