FDA clears way for two quadripolar leads

The FDA approved two quadripolar leads for use in cardiac resynchronization therapy defibrillators for patients with heart failure.

In August, the FDA gave thumbs up to Medtronic’s Attain Performa Model 4298 Dual Cant quadripolar lead. The most recent approval adds the Attain Performa left ventricular quadripolar leads to the portfolio. The leads are designed to function within various anatomies, including various vessel sizes and curvatures.

Quadripolar leads allow physicians to position the leads according to an individual patient’s anatomy, which can help optimize cardiac resynchronization therapy. According to Medtronic, the quadripolar leads have been shown to reduce the incidence of phrenic nerve stimulation. Using a steroid elution on all four electrodes lowers chronic pacing thresholds, which may extend the device’s longevity and reduce the likelihood of phrenic nerve stimulation.

All three Attain Performa leads are compatible with the company's Viva Quad XT and Viva Quad S CRT-D systems.