Medtronic launches value-based healthcare program in Europe, Middle East, Africa

Medtronic announced a new professional development program in its Europe, Middle East and Africa regions to promote value-based healthcare initiatives.

Through the program, known as Medtronic Impact, the company hopes to educate more than 500,000 healthcare professionals in the next five years. The program, which is expected to launch this year, will focus on outcomes-based learning.

The program will include online education sessions as well as face-to-face sessions and will feature new technologies such as virtual classrooms, augmented reality and remote case observation capability. Medtronic said healthcare professionals will have personalized web portals to access their career-based learning pathways.

Medtronic has partnered with the following healthcare institutions to deliver and develop training programs: Barcelona Campus in Catalonia, Spain; IRCAD in Strasbourg, France; Sunskill Laboratory at Stellenbosch University in South Africa; and Dundee Institute for Healthcare Simulation at the University of Dundee in Scotland.

“Collaborations with world-class healthcare institutions will enable us to radically transform how we design and deliver training and education,” Mike Roby, Medtronic’s senior director of learning and innovation, said in a news release. “We firmly believe that the collective efforts of the network we're cultivating will create more value and positively impact outcomes that matter to patients.”