FDA’s Gottlieb 'willing to tackle tough problems'

Critics of FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, MD, were initially skeptical of his ties to the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, despite Gottlieb selling off all his health-related stock the day he was sworn in.

However, The New York Times points out Gottlieb is beginning to win over some of those skeptics while still maintaining industry supporters and keeping President Donald Trump on his side.

“Dr. Gottlieb is willing to tackle tough problems,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Massachusetts, told The Times. “I let him know when I think he’s got it wrong, and when he’s got it right.”

Gottlieb’s balancing act is one few of Trump’s appointees have been able to achieve, and additional challenges lie ahead. He still must make good on his pledge to reduce the time for new drugs to be developed and curb exorbitant pharmaceutical prices—both without sacrificing patient safety.

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