FDA may revoke authorized claim that soy protects the heart

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is taking steps to revoke its health claim that soy protein protects the heart—a move that would be a first for the organization.

The FDA authorized the soy protein claim in 1999, Reuters reported this week, but studies conducted in the nearly two decades since have produced inconsistent results. The organization is now proposing a rule that would revoke the right of American companies to say soy protein is a cardiovascular protectant.

In the past, the American Heart Association has discouraged spreading the information as a national, authorized claim, saying in a 2008 comment, “Direct cardiovascular health benefit of soy protein or isoflavone supplements is minimal at best.”

The FDA said in a statement this week it might consider downgrading the authorized soy claim to a qualified health claim, which requires less scientific evidence, if the proposed rule passes.

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