Boston Scientific’s AFib commercial reflects larger plan to dominate market

In a new television ad, Marlborough, Massachusetts-based Boston Scientific tries to appeal to Americans with heart arrhythmias as the company amps up a comprehensive marketing plan to make inroads in cardiac, endoscopic and urological markets, reports The Boston Globe.

Televised ads like Boston Scientific’s are rare for medical device companies, but it’s a strategy some use to get rid of middle-man suppliers.

“Hospitals want to drive great outcomes and they also want to save money, so what they’re typically doing is reducing down the number of suppliers that they work with,” said Boston Scientific CEO Mike Mahoney. “What’s most important to us is to have very differentiated products so that when Mass. General or whoever picks partners, we’re part of the answer.”

The company didn’t decide lightly whether to run the ad, but ultimately decided to do so because it wanted to educate patients with atrial fibrillation. The commercial has only aired in Tampa, Detroit, San Diego and Phoenix, but may run in other markets in the future.

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