TCT: Stereotaxis highlights Odyssey
While the Stereotaxis remote magnetic catheter navigation system gets all the attention, it is Odyssey that provides the IT backbone for storing, managing and retrieving data associated with these remotely-operated angio procedures. The company showcased the Odyssey at the 21st annual Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics (TCT) conference.

The Odyssey workstation allows for up to 16 inputs including intravascular ultrasound, angio, hemodynamic recordings and more, which the operator can control with either a mouse or a joystick.

The Odyssey Cinema feature allows access to live and archived views in the procedure room or at remote locations, enabling live case sharing or remote training opportunities, according to the company.

The Cinema technology is essentially a four terabyte server that holds 2,500 hours of data. Everything on screen is recorded and can be managed for various purposes.

Also, Odyssey’s work is all done behind the hospital’s firewall, according to a spokesperson. Therefore, the hospital controls all the information, which is the trend.