Research finds Kardia Mobile an effective at-home EKG

A handful of independent studies have reportedly proven the efficacy of AliveCor’s Kardia Mobile device, a cell phone-compatible gadget that serves as a personal electrocardiograph, for individuals with atrial fibrillation (AFib).

MedPage Today reported large-cohort studies conducted in China were able to demonstrate the tool’s abilities, including successful diagnoses of previously undiagnosed AFib patients with Kardia Mobile’s 30-second EKG test. One study out of the Cleveland Clinic stated Kardia Mobile’s accuracy was “similar to that of a physician” and “lessened AFib-diagnosis anxiety.”

According to AliveCor’s website, anyone can check their heart rate with the device by placing their fingertips on two small sensory pads, which send data to a connected mobile phone and detect any irregularities in heart rhythm. Patients can then save and store recordings, or send them to their doctor via email.

The findings of the recent studies proving Kardia Mobile’s effectiveness were presented at the 2017 ESC Congress in Barcelona.

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