TCT: Toshiba expands flat-panel angio options
Toshiba America Medical Systems’ Infinix-i biplane x-ray angiography systems is now available with a mid-sized (12 x 12) flat panel detector, and was showcased at the 21st annual Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics (TCT) conference.

The mid-sized detector is ideal for electrophysiology, pediatric procedures and conventional cardiac procedures where the operators want more anatomical coverage, said Allan Berthe, cardiology product manager for Toshiba.

Earlier in the year, Toshiba introduced the mid-sized detector with its single- and dual-plane systems. The company now added the mid-sized option with the biplane system.

The mid-sized detector offers twice the anatomical coverage as the conventional 8 x 8 detectors. It also increases system utilization by allowing cardiologists to increase their working field-of-view and more easily perform procedures outside the heart while minimally impacting the angulations, which can be compromised by larger panels.

The company also made available across the entire Infinix-i family its advanced image processing (AIP). AIP increases the quality, sharpness, and image contrast during interventional procedures, and virtually eliminates image lag, Berthe said. The technology is particularly beneficial for stent implementation, patients with rapid heart rates or small tortuous arteries, bariatric patients and emergency situations.

The company also introduced low-contrast imaging (LCI), available on its mid-sized and large (12 x 16) flat-panel detector systems. LCI offers CT-like images of soft tissue, including brain tissue, cerebral ventricles and hepatic visualization, without requiring additional exams.