TCT: Siemens offers large high-resolution display screen
Siemens Healthcare now offers a 56-inch, high-resolution display screen for surgery, interventional radiology and interventional cardiology, which the company demonstrated at the 21st annual Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics (TCT) conference.

The display screen can cost up to $200,000, depending on the configuration and offers up to 21 separate inputs for various functions such as mapping systems, hemodynamic data, fluoroscopy, CT and MRI data, according to Gerhard Schmiedel, senior director of product marketing for cardiology. 

The company said it will work with the customer to develop customized screen layout templates. Screen views can vary from physician to physician and from specialty to specialty. Templates can be changed with the flick of a tableside switch.

The screen received FDA approval in July and the company has since installed three systems, selling more than 10. The three biggest markets for the large screens are neuroradiology, electrophysiology and hybrid operating rooms, Schmiedel said.

Advantages of the screen include: neatly packed cabling for the various inputs into a ceiling unit, which helps avoid having cables crisscrossing the floor; the ease of inputting any new technology into the screen; ease of switching views; and having one screen to view, Schmiedel said.