Expert roundtable discuss economics of FFR
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Watch Full Video: The Economic & Practical Considerations of Utilizing FFR (32:10) Chapter 1: Review of Clinical and Economic Data of FAME (02:55) Chapter 2: FFR Integration and Adoption Barriers (10:44) Chapter 3: Cost Benefits with FFR (02:03) Chapter 4: Clinical Practice Variances (03:06) Chapter 5: IVUS & FFR Technological Considerations (09:34) Chapter 6: Overcoming Personal Biases (03:32)
Since the clinical benefits of fractional flow reserve (FFR) were confirmed with ongoing results of the FAME study, the technology has gained wider adoption. To assess its impact on contemporary cath labs, five interventionalists—Salman Arain, MD, David Cohen, MD, William Fearon, MD, Ashequl Islam, MD, and Peter Ver Lee, MD—came together from across the U.S. to the discuss the economic considerations.