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 - 3D DTI

It’s not fortune telling, although the signs are clear: Early brain imaging helps identify, prevent and treat patents at increased risk for heart attack or stroke. In a meta-analysis study, early brain imaging scans revealed changes to brain structure and function, acting as warning signs of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events to come.

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Blood pressure may not be the key to improving stroke outcomes after all. In an international study published online Oct. 22 in The Lancet, stroke patients randomized to have blood pressure control within 48 hours of infarct did no better than patients whose high blood pressure remained untreated. They did no worse, either. 

 - Gavel and stethoscope

Two cardiologists in Kentucky agreed to pay $380,000 in the culmination of a whistleblower case that led to a $16.5 million settlement and a prison term for a third cardiologist.

 - High blood pressure, hypertension

With nearly five years left on the Healthy People 2020 goals for hypertension, researchers measured progress and found much wanting. Although key areas have improved, according to the study published online Oct. 20 in Circulation, prevalent hypertension remained well above the goal of 26.9 percent and hypertension control efforts plateaued well below the goal of 61.2 percent.

 - Doc with money

Not bad for starters. Depending on the subspecialty, newly minted cardiologists made between $189,000 and $360,000 in 2013.