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 - Abiomed San Juan
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Topping the list of must haves when rolling out a new complex PCI program are a solid mission to offer leading-edge technology, top-down administrative support, physician and nursing leadership, a quest for quality, and a well-oiled team.
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A team looking to increase efficiency in inventory management among VA medical centers has advice for healthcare facilities.
 - BUMC Phoenix PCI
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To make a difference in people’s lives through excellent patient care is both mission and mantra at Banner Health.
 - Nurses, San Juan Regional Medical Center
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Teamwork, technology and a can-do attitude come together at a rural community hospital in the Southwest, where an Impella program for cardiogenic shock patients has saved many lives in past years.
 - CVIS - Mountain State Health, Tenn.
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Mountain States Health Alliance headquartered in Johnson City, Tenn., is one health system leading the charge and reaping the benefits of a more intelligent, decision support-enabled CVIS with a built-in quality control engine that ensures data entered into the report are consistent.