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 - Bakersfield Heart Hospital - PCI
February 11, 2016 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm
Sponsored by Abiomed
Join us on Feb. 11th to learn how Bakersfield Heart Hospital, a 47-bed community hospital adopted a Protected PCI program.
 - Bakersfield Heart Hospital - PCI
Sponsored by Abiomed
Despite its name, Bakersfield Heart Hospital offers more service lines than just those under its cardiovascular umbrella.
Meril: Live at TCT. What’s New? What’s Next?
Sponsored by Meril
Hear what’s new from Meril's vice president, Sanjeev Bhatt, on tapered drug eluting stents, bioabsorbable scaffolds, dilatation catheters and TAVR.
Episode 2: The Programmatic Approach to Teaching, Tactics & Techniques
Sponsored by Abiomed
The University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle, already a major national referral center, has recently undergone a significant culture shift. The change began when Robb MacLellan, MD, joined as chief of cardiology of UW Medicine Regional Heart Center in 2011.
 - Gary Idelchik, Saratoaga Hospital
Sponsored by GE Healthcare
Growth seeded the need for a dedicated PCI program at Saratoga Hospital that went live in January along with a complete technology overhaul: cath lab, hemodynamic monitoring, echocardiography and a fully integrated cardiovascular information system. The PCI program, close to 100 interventions...
Episode 2: The Programmatic Approach to Teaching, Tactics & Techniques (with Q&A Session)
Sponsored by Abiomed
Training and passion sit at the core of the University of Washington Medical Center heart team’s mission. Learn how this national training site for Protected PCI with hemodynamic support is teaching: hands-on, in-depth, in-person, head to head.