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 - EmorySaintJoseph
January 24, 2017 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm
Sponsored by Cardinal Health
With the rollout of the Affordable Care Act and changes to reimbursements, Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital in Atlanta, GA, recognizes it’s a critical time to control expenses.
Prairie Heart Final wQA
Sponsored by Abiomed
Priorities need to focus on training and outreach from clinical, operational and financial perspectives as well as strengthening the heart team — Prairie Heart and Vascular Institute in Springfield, Ill., is leading the way.
Impella Coding Changes with QA
Sponsored by Abiomed
Watch this strategic webinar on the changes effective October 1, 2016, that simplify reimbursement for heart assist device systems, including Impella.
 - Abiomed San Juan
Sponsored by Abiomed
Topping the list of must haves when rolling out a new complex PCI program are a solid mission to offer leading-edge technology, top-down administrative support, physician and nursing leadership, a quest for quality, and a well-oiled team.
Sponsored by Cardinal Health
A team looking to increase efficiency in inventory management among VA medical centers has advice for healthcare facilities.
From the Ground Up: Building a Better Interventional Program (Q&A)
Sponsored by Abiomed
San Juan Regional Medical Center's ongoing training and protocols has served the heart team well and their advice is solid for care providers seeking to offer quality care while maintaining a healthy bottom line.